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Dezhou City Jiayu incubator equipment factory is a veteran automatic incubator production enterprises, has 20 years of construction history, is earlier engaged in chickens, ducks and geese and other automatic incubator development, mass production, domestic and international sales and service In one of the manufacturers. Jia Yu has a first-class R & D team and advanced production lines. Jia Yu automatic incubator every year on the performance of the upgrade and product innovation, with independent intellectual property rights of a number of patented technology certificate. We do not imitate the hatching machine, we only produce high-quality and cost-effective users to use their own brand products. Incubation equipment industry Jia Yu this brand has long been familiar with many users at home and abroad. Jia Yu licensing incubator to perfect the quality of products, innovative product design, complete functionality and good service at home and abroad to win a good reputation. Has access to provincial and municipal: Shou contract re-credit enterprises, technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Shandong Province, the tax compliance unit, Alibaba online sales integrity of enterprises and many other honors. Jia Yu brand main products: teaching experiment incubator incubator, small and medium-sized box-type chickens and ducks goose hatching machine, pigeons dedicated incubator, ostrich dedicated incubator, peacock incubator and other rare birds hatching machine, hatching machine, hatching one machine , The capacity of egg volume from 180 — 90000 a variety of models complete specifications, Jia Yu licensing automatic incubator with human design, a high degree of automation, features a more complete, small size, energy efficient, beautiful appearance, the service life Long, cost-effective, high rate of hatching advantages, as the majority of farmers preferred products.

Jia Yu automatic series of incubators developed and put into the market, to re-quality and trustworthiness to win the praise of users around. Jia Yu automatic series of incubators are exported to more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions, exports of Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan , North Korea, Libya, Kenya, Africa, Russia, Europe and many other countries and regions.Through many years of domestic and foreign users use, consistent reflect the Jia Yu hatching equipment automatic control, easy to learn, perfect function, hatching rate advantages, Hatching users around the high praise. Jia Yu in the current mature technology innovation, machine performance continues to increase. We will be better products and better service dedicated to the vast number of users.

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