• How To Choose LED Lights For Poultry Farming Industry
    Post time: May-26-2017

    What LED lighting is good for the pig, chicken, cow, duck …poultry house. Here are few key points for your reference. 1. Anti-corrosion We know the animals waste make the ammonia gas. 1) Ammonia in a humid environment can be ionized into ammonium ions and hydroxide ions to form elect...Read more »

  • Today we are looking at preventing diseases in #poultry_farming.
    Post time: May-20-2017

    1. Always obtain hatching eggs and replacement stock for your flock from a reputable #hatchery or dealer. 2. If possible, house #chickens by age group, separating younger birds from older members of the flock. Young poultry need time to develop immunity. 3. Limit farm visitors’ access to your flo...Read more »

  • Post time: May-11-2017

    Poultry Diseases Cause, Diagnosis, Control & Treatment 1. Prevention & Control of Poultry Diseases for Better Profitability 2. Module ObjectivesModule Objectives By the end of this session all participants will be able to:  Identify the threats to our poultry and how disease agents h l...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-27-2017

    Correct Incubation Conditions Are Important For Development And Hatching Of Eggs. The Required Conditions Vary Considerably Between Species, And Some Species Appear More Exacting In Their Requirements Than Others. Minor Deviations In Correct Temperature May Lead To A Slightly Shortened Or Lengthe...Read more »

  • Post time: Feb-23-2017

    How to deal with the selection and disinfection of eggs? Study on selection and disinfection of seed eggs here. Selection of eggs: eggs for hatching should be fresh, preferably within a week. The eggs should be stored at 13 to 16 DEG C and relative humidity of 75% for a period of time from 12 to ...Read more »

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