How To Choose LED Lights For Poultry Farming Industry

What LED lighting is good for the pig, chicken, cow, duck …poultry house. Here are few key points for your reference.

1. Anti-corrosion

We know the animals waste make the ammonia gas.

1) Ammonia in a humid environment can be ionized into ammonium ions and hydroxide ions to form electrolyte solution to promote the metal of the original battery reaction to accelerate the corrosion of metal.

2) Ammonia molecules can form complexes with many transition metal ions to make them soluble in water and peel off the oxide film on the surface of the protective metal.

2. Waterproof

The disease is the disaster for the poultry industry, so the houses have to been disinfected and washed up regularly.

3. Anti-explosion
As we mentioned the gas, it could cause the explosion.

We have designed a professional led poultry lighting for our farmer friends.

Here is our advantages:

1) Anti-corrosion

2) Waterproof, IP67

3) Anti-explosion,IK10

4) High lumen, 125lm/W

5) Different dimension and power for options.

600*¢80mm 20W,1200*¢80mm 40W,1500*¢80mm 60W

Post time: May-26-2017
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