How to deal with the selection and disinfection of eggs?

How to deal with the selection and disinfection of eggs? Study on selection and disinfection of seed eggs here.
Selection of eggs: eggs for hatching should be fresh, preferably within a week. The eggs should be stored at 13 to 16 DEG C and relative humidity of 75% for a period of time from 12 to 18 days. The incubation rate is less than three weeks, and can not be used as an egg. During storage, the egg head upward, and turn the eggs at a time every day. Egg shaped eggs to normal, moderate size, malformation, serious contamination, crack, shell, too large or too small eggs, eggs should not be.
Disinfection of eggs: eggs to be disinfected. The commonly used method is the Faure Marin smoking, namely per cubic meter with 28 ml, 14 grams of Potassium Permanganate Faure Marin. The Faure Marin solution into a Potassium Permanganate dish, close the doors and windows, sealed the gap, 30 minutes after opening the doors and windows, after the removal of odor into the hatch.
Hatching method: hatch chicks, can be used for artificial incubation, but also can be used to brood hens. The incubator used for artificial incubation must be sterilized and then put into an egg. The incubation period is 21 to 22 days, 19 days before the hatched after the incubator temperature should be maintained at 37.8 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 60% – 65%, Twentieth – 21 days the temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, relative humidity should be increased to 65% – 70%, the purpose is to prevent chicken floss sticky shell effect of hatching.
Incubation: the first 19 days after hatching, every 90 minutes to turn an egg, every time the egg turning for 14 seconds. 19 days after the egg into the chick frame, this time should stop turning eggs. In the middle and later period of incubation, the embryo development is accelerated, the heat production quantity is increased, and the temperature in the incubator is increased. Each time the egg 10 ~ 15 minutes, the general air to egg temperature fell to 32 ~ 33 degrees can be.
During the incubation period, the general egg three times, the first time in 5 days after hatching, mainly include aspermatism eggs, dead embryo eggs; second times in 10 days after hatching, sorting dead embryo egg. Hatching 19 days after the fall of the plate (will be transferred from the egg to the egg egg incubator frame), when the incubation is normal, usually the first day of the beak shell, 22 days out of the shell, the 23 day to clean out the device.

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