Dragonchain Intro – Platform, Incubator, Ecosystem

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From the Disney team that released Dragonchain open source, comes the Dragonchain commercial platform and Incubator!

First let’s look at the Dragonchain platform that focuses on protection of business assets. It’s a turnkey and scalable environment using a serverless architecture that empowers smart contract developers to use established programming languages such as Java, Python, Node, and C-sharp. In addition, all smart contracts have full access to Amazon AWS services and capabilities.

Next, let’s look at the Dragonchain Incubator that standardizes the process to launch a blockchain project. It provides early access to exciting projects, and is scaled by active crowd participation.

Now, let’s look at the Dragonchain marketplace, an ecosystem of verified subject matter experts across disciplines such as crypto, marketing, legal, software development, and recruiting. Also included in the marketplace are libraries of pre-built smart contracts monetized by developers for reuse.

Finally, the Dragon, a tokenized micro-license to access all services across the Dragonchain Platform and Ecosystem.

Designed for Blockchain Business Magic™
Be a part of the most secure, flexible, and business friendly blockchain platform and Ecosystem
Buy Dragons starting October 2nd!


Post time: Oct-16-2017
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