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Update is now live!

eco’s Tek Decor will be getting new content as well as upgrades to previous content!

In the next update you will get:

Upgraded Holographic Maps Tables: The Island, Scorched Earth, and The Center
Upgraded Crafting Table with new visual interests
5 new medium Holographics
3 new giant Holographics including the Griffin, Ice Wyvern, and the Phoenix
New Refrigerator
Egg Incubator: Place a fertilized egg inside the Incubator and via ini settings you can quickly incubate your egg. Decorative “broken” version for those interested in creating an abandoned look to your base.

Other mod optimizations and texture work will also be in the update as well as a mod size reduction.

Update is now live! You can find eco’s Tek Decor here:

If you have ideas or suggestions feel free to share them on Discord!

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Post time: Oct-04-2017
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