Goose Eggs Hatching Finally & Lots Of Bad News :~( #28 Hatching Ducklings Ducks

Day 30 of the hatch and the poor little Goslings finally started coming out, 2 got out on their own and 2 had to be helped. I know they say geese can take 28-35 days but I honestly think they were ready on the 28 and were stuck in the shells. And the fact that the goose eggs were on the middle shelf I’m ruling out them getting too hot like the top shelf got hit with.

Final results of the duck egg hatch, and the results are sad and depressing:

504 duck eggs

52 pip out of the shell and died
6 died in the barn after I moved them
55 were unfertilized eggs (this makes no sense since I’ve got lots of drakes)
24 rescued and survival looks not likely
232 under developed looks like they stopped developing in the incubator, some were still alive but looked like they needed another 5-10 days.

In the barn there are 134 healthy ducklings which is not a very good result for the amount of eggs and effort I put in, hopefully this weekend’s hatch goes better.

My gut is telling me a couple things went wrong on this hatch CO2 poisoning in the incubator for the 232 under developed eggs and the heat & humidity wasn’t even in the hatcher.

Tomorrow once I get the hatcher cleaned out I’m going to do some modifications to it solve the unevenness of the heat and humidity.

Not a very good day on the duck adventure, really depressing actually…


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Post time: Oct-10-2017
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