Hatching chicks in the classroom with a Lyons incubator

What an experience!! I recommend this project for any elementary school teacher. My students took off and ran with every morsel of information I provided them and took it upon themselves to research any and all questions they had about the hatching process.

Eggs were washed off and put in the incubator precisely at 10:30 a.m. on March 25th….

We started with 13 eggs from “Cowboy Clark’s” ranch (aka my mothers boyfriend). The coop at the ranch has 15 or so hens and three roosters. Even though the fertility rate is usually only 70% with any given batch of eggs, we lucked out and had all 13 fertilized. To verify this, we candled them on day 7 and could see very mobile embryos! Anyone who plans on hatching with kids will need a candler… 1) because it is so darn exciting 2) you will want to remove any infertile eggs from the incubator, as they can contaminate the batch…. And 3) Did I already mention how exciting it is?? It is literally just like an ultrasound…. But for a chicken.
Anyhoo…. Despite our luck, I did have to remove one egg due to a crack in the shell on day 7 that the candling revealed. It was a very fine and contained crack but wasn’t worth it busting over the weekend and contaminating the others.

Low and behold… Exactly 21 days later at 10:30 a.m. The chicks started pipping! 10 out of the 12 eggs hatched and grew like weeds every single day!

Post time: Jun-19-2017
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