How to make traditional salty eggs#Margivirtual Food Recipe

YouTube viewers wherever you are, this time Margivirtual Channel is back, inviting you to learn more about how to make a food recipe.

And this moment, we choose the recipe on how to make salty eggs using traditional concept.

Material composition we use to make it, is crushing bricks.

We prepared the good quality of bricks, then we crush it.

YouTube Viewers, the next ingredient composition is crystal salt.

As little note, the price of crystal salt is cheaper than soft salt.

The next material is the duck eggs with the proportional size.

Choose new eggs, good form and blueing green color.

The making steps of making salty eggs, starting from the mixing of crushing brick with the salt.

Add little water so that the dough has finest texture.

As the information of the comparison of crushing brick with the salt is two compare to one.

We project here, using 2 kg of crushing brick and 1 kg of crystal salt.

Meanwhile for the egg in this planning, using 12 eggs.

Viewers, the good dough texture is not too soft and also not too hard.

We unite the eggs with the dough so that the the form is like the balls.

Next step, we lay on the place on humidity about 27 degrees celcius for two weeks long.

This longer time to create the original salty eggs and has traditional flavor.

After two weeks we wash the duck eggs with the clean water.

Release the spot on the egg skin carefully.

Next step we boil the eggs for about 5 minutes on middle level of stove fire.

After that take the eggs from the pan, let it cold and ready to be enjoyed.

Here it is, the salty eggs are already to be made and really have interesting texture.

Well YouTube viewers wherever you are, the recipe on how to make traditional salty eggs presented to you by Margivirtual YouTube channel.

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Post time: Oct-20-2017
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