Speedbar, power pusbar, bar overheat relay, Speedbar distributor board by LC Power Korea 엘씨파워코리아

LC POWER KOREA , founded on Feb. 2007, is a leading company in Korea, which has applied IT-based technology to the power distribution system and developed the most advanced D.I.Y solution of busbar called ” Speedbar “( Block type of module for power distribution panel : Cut-Busbar ) and Busbar temperature alarm relay ( Model : BOR). We have more than 40 domestic distributors throughout the country and agents in Vietam & Mongolia as of now, promoting the marketing overseas such as Moscow, Warsaw, Dubai ,Riyadh, Egypt, Israel, Southeast Asia, Etc through Exhibitions held by KOTRA .

-Selling Leads

●power Busbar(Speedbar), Bus Bar Overheat Relay, Speedbar Distributor Board

- Use:
Our product called “Speedbar ” is the block type of module(Cut-Busbar) for the power distribution panel, supplying the power ,which is put into the buildings & homes, to the branch circuit breakers according to each circuit breaker load AMPS.

- Features:
a. Safety : There is no risk of electric leakage, electric shock, short circuit & fire due to the use of fire-resistant & insulating material.
b. Flexibility & Expandability : It is possible to remove or increase the branch circuit breakers whenever you need because it is made to be individual block type.

- Benefits:
a. Best efficiency : It is possible to install or disassemble the speedbar everywhere without any special tools & machine. It is the most advanced D.I.Y solution of busbar system and should be the best item for overseas Marketing.
b. Cost reduction : Speedbar, which is made to be individual block type, makes it possible for you to replace the damaged speedbar even if electric trouble happens, facilitating easy maintenance and also prevents the loss from spreading. Considering all the advantages, we believe speedbar is the best cost-effective product of all other busbar systems at the market.

● Company : LC POWER KOREA
● Address : 932, Wongok-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 425-849 Korea

For more information
● e-catalog: http://lcpk.en.ec21.com/
● Inquiry: uccinq@ec21.com

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