Watch The Dinosaur Egg Break Hatch Into a Baby Dinosaur Part 1

Jabu and Lani have a new dinosaur egg toy that they’re going to watch hatch into a baby dinosaur over the next couple of days. Today is Part 1 where we introduce you to the dino egg and put it into a bowl of water so that the dinosaur egg can begin to hatch.

Grab your own dino egg toy here:

Dinosaur eggs that hatch are a lot of fun. They increase your child’s excitement as they have to wait patiently over 48 to 72 hours to wait for the dino baby to come out of its dinosaur egg.

In the meantime your child will be wondering what kind of dinosaur will be born from their dinosaur egg shell. Will it be a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Velociraptor or perhaps one of the big herbivore dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus or maybe the ones with the hard horns or shells like the Triceratops.

Whatever kind of dinosaur comes out of the egg will be a delight as the children try to figure out what kind of dinosaur they got. And they’ll be learning all sorts of dinosaur facts in the meantime. Some of these facts about dinosaurs for example is that birds are the last great remaining relatives of dinosaurs. Cool huh?

Join us in the upcoming videos to see which baby dinosaur hatches from our dino egg. Toy dinosaurs are fun to play with and educational as well.

Dinosaur egg toy hatching part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Time lapse of the complete dinosaur egg hatching:

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Post time: Oct-14-2017
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